Patrick Mahomes pulled off an incredible no-look pass

Baltimore Ravens v Kansas City Chiefs

Another week, another article where Patrick Mahomes grabs the headlines but time it isn't for breaking a new NFL record, so at least we have that. 

No, instead of getting his name into the NFL history books for the umpteenth time this season, Mahomes has instead left fans of all teams with their jaws bouncing up off the floor in disbelief. 

So, what's he done now I hear you cry? Well, the best way I can explain is to say "Imagine if Jason 'White Chocolate' Williams played quarterback instead of point guard". That's it. Because Mahomes pulled out a no-look pass on Sunday.

Just calling what Mahomes did a no-look pass does it a massive disservice, however. It is so much more than just a no-look pass. It's a piece of art. 

Just take a look. Admire the beauty, the glory and the sheer cojones it takes to even attempt this during a tight game. 

Who does that? Reading the safety and trying to move defenders with your eyes will always be a thing that the best quarterbacks do regularly - but not to this extent.

Mahomes doesn't just look off, he keeps his eyes looking off, never once returning to the area where his wide receiver Demarcus Robinson will be headed. 

Baltimore Ravens v Kansas City Chiefs

And of course the ball gets exactly where it needs to go. There is a small part of me wondering if Mahomes has magnets in the ball and his receivers hands in order to pull off some of the throws he manages. This is one of them. 

Patrick Mahomes plays football like he never once received any coaching or watched a QB skills DVD. Young Mahomes was dropped down into the playground and told that playing QB was all about getting the ball to your WR, by ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

This man should win MVP. It doesn't matter that he's young and it's only his first year as a starter. Mahomes is doing things others could only dream of, and dragging the Chiefs to victories along the way. 

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