Miami Dolphins stun New England Patriots with miraculous game-winning TD play

What is it about playing the Dolphins in Miami that proves so difficult for Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots?

Heading into Sunday’s game at Hard Rock Stadium, the Patriots had lost four of their last five games played in South Florida – despite Belichick dismissing any notions that the Dolphins had somehow managed to become New England’s bogey team.

Well, the game is over, and that 4/5 just turned into 5/6 after Miami came out 34-33 winners on Sunday afternoon in the AFC East clash. 

How did they do it? Well, the Dolphins needed a small matter of an absolute miracle play with literally no time left on the clock. 

70 yards from the end zone, only enough time to run one scoring play, with a quarterback who probably can’t get the ball that far. We’ve seen this play out a million times before and go the same way – victory for the defending team. But not today.

Instead, we got the Miracle in Miami. 

Instead of aiming for the endzone straight away, Ryan Tannehill instead connected with his wide receiver Kenny Stills in the middle of the field, who then pitched the football to DeVante Parker.

It’s normally at this point where the play falls apart, but not today. Instead of a lineman getting his hands on the ball and messing everything up, a second lateral from Parker went into the arms of running back Kenyan Drake.

Drake is fast, very fast. And the running back managed to take the football all the way to the house for a walk-off victory that no one saw coming when the two teams lined up for the last play of the game just seconds beforehand. 

It helped that the Patriots decided to put Rob Gronkowski at safety for the play – with the tight ends lack of closing speed and any ability to tackle helping Drake get round the edge and into the endzone. 


NFL fans exploded after the play happened, and Tannehill took one last shot at Gronk – who we don’t think will ever see the field in this situation again.

What an ending, what a game, what a burn.

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