Romelu Lukaku has answered Man Utd fans' theory that he's too bulky this season

Romelu Lukaku has responded to a fan theory.

Romelu Lukaku has had a difficult season so far for Manchester United - although he has finally started scoring again.

His brilliant form at the start of his Old Trafford career did eventually tail off last season but this year has seen him struggle quite badly.

Lukaku went over two months without a goal before his goal against Southampton on December 1st - a run of form that saw Jose Mourinho drop him.

The Belgian did make it two goals in two starts, however, as he netted against Fulham on Saturday with his first Old Trafford goal since March.

One incredibly maddening statistic is that Lukaku has still scored well for Belgium - Lukaku has played 13 times for his country since the end of last season and scored 12 goals.

As fans searched for a reason for his poor form, one potential explanation could be found in his appearance.

Lukaku has looked noticeably bulkier this season and many worried that he has gone so far with adding mass that it affected his play.

This theory was put to the United forward after the Fulham game and he appears to have given fans the answers they wanted.

"It was at the World Cup (I bulked up),” he said, reports the Evening Standard. “I just felt great and I think I played great over there. Then when I came back it is a different type of style.

Lukaku has been back on form in recent games.

“When you play in the Premier League, you cannot play with the same amount of muscle as international football.

"That was something that when I came back I knew straightaway 'no, no, I cannot play in this style like this.'

“I had to lose muscle basically. So you just stay out of the gym, drink a lot of water, and a lot of veg and fish and it helps."

Lukaku also revealed how he's changed his training post-World Cup, saying: “I’m training differently now - more prevention in the gym and I try to do more speed bursts in training.

The Belgian has scored consistently for his country.

"That, for me, is the most essential thing."

And so it seems that fans were spot on with their reason for Lukaku's form.

Now that he appears to be on top of it and scoring again, perhaps the Lukaku of old can bring some much-needed fire-power to Mourinho's side.

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