Athlete Jimmy Gressier falls flat with face-first finish

European Cross Country Championships

A cross country runner was left blushing after an attempt at an audacious finish went spectacularly wrong and left him face down in the mud.

French athlete Jimmy Gressier was some way ahead of his rivals as he approached the finish line in the men’s under-23 European Cross County Championships in Tilburg, Netherlands.

Unfortunately, Gressier, who was defending his title from the previous year, didn’t manage to complete the final metre in the style he was hoping, as an attempted knee slide saw him pass through the tape face first.

Despite the track being visibly very wet and muddy, seemingly perfect conditions for a knee slide, Gressier's right knee clearly got stuck in the mud and did not budge.

This resulted in his falling flat on his race, rather than gloriously sliding his way over the finish line.

Unfortunately for the Frenchman, his actions at the end of the race quickly went viral, with many people on social media finding the incident absolutely hilarious.

However, for him, it was probably an embarrassing end to what should have been a memorable day.

Speaking after his victory, Gressier, 21, said: “I am just very happy to win for the second time. The conditions were difficult but the course was still really nice despite the weather.”

Plenty of times we've seen footballers' celebrations go wrong, with knee slides failing on numerous occasions, but this will certainly go down as one of the very best.

Luckily for Gressier, he didn't cost him the win, and it's something he may be able to look back on in years to come and laugh at.

Although for now, it's people laughing at him, rather than with him.

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