Video shows every possible angle of Deontay Wilder’s unbelievable knockdown of Tyson Fury

Deontay Wilder v Tyson Fury

Deontay Wilder versus Tyson Fury was a memorable fight for many reasons, but by far the biggest moment of the bout came in the final round, when Wilder produced a scintillating combination to floor Fury, with many expecting the fight to be over.

However, in a truly remarkable moment, Fury defied the odds to rise back to his feet and carry on the contest, even pushing to knock Wilder down in the closing stages.

Many people are still scratching their heads as to how the Gypsy King managed to get back up, and the video that has been posted on the BT Sport official YouTube page this morning will offer little clarification.

The video shows every possible angle of the Bronze Bomber’s combination, with some even in slow motion, making you realise just how unbelievable it is that Fury managed to drag himself back to his feet.

The right hand of Wilder firmly connects with Fury, knocking him off balance, before the killer left hook cannons into the Brit, putting him firmly onto the canvas.

The commentator sums up everyone’s feelings when watching the knockdown, stating: “I will never stop watching that combination there and think Fury is getting up.

"Every time I watch that I’ll think he’s finished, he’s done.”

Before the knockdown, Fury had boxed extremely well to limit the amount of times Wilder made contact with his shots to a very small percentage.

The Gypsy King had been floored earlier in the fight, but it appeared to be more of a loss of balance, with Wilder’s shot not making much contact.

Most people agreed, going into the final round, that Fury had edged the contest after generally stifling Wilder’s attacking threat whilst landing a few good shots of his own.

However, the final round combination from Wilder seems to have been a major turning point for some people and could be said to have had an affect on the final result.

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