Johnny Nelson insists Kell Brook must not give into Amir Khan's silly demands

Boxing in Sheffield

Former cruiserweight boxer Johnny Nelson has claimed that Kell Brook must not give in to Amir Khan’s crazy demands despite him being desperate to fight his British rival.

Nelson understands the Sheffield-born boxer was far from his best at the weekend, but he must not ‘jump through every hoop and climb every ladder’ to ensure he lands a fight with Khan.

On Saturday night it came as a surprise to many that Brook’s fight with Michael Zefara went the full 12 rounds.

Although he did not perform to his usual standard against Zefara, in order to get the fight made with Khan, Nelson believes Brook must not give in to his demands.

“Khan has played a clever game, he's played poker, he can come out with ridiculous demands and Kell is considering them,” said Nelson, as per Sky Sports.

“He (Brook) wants it badly, more than Khan does, but you can't afford to jump through every hoop, climb every ladder and meet all these ridiculous demands.”

One of the demands was Brook reduces his weight to 147lbs, which he was willing to do, but the re-hydration clause, which would mean they could only reach a maximum weight of 157lbs on the night of their fight was a step too far.

Nelson believes the Yorkshireman’s best option is to remain a 154lbs fighter.

Boxing in Sheffield

“You've got to be at your optimum weight, have speed, strength, fitness and be able to perform to the best of your ability. Be a solid 154lbs and benefit from it,” said Nelson.

Brook’s under-par performance at the weekend has led to concern by others that Brook would not be able to handle Khan’s speed.

Nelson concluded by saying though, that he believes the bout could go either way if it was to ever go ahead: “It's six of one and half a dozen of the other, if Kell hits Khan, he's gone, or Khan stays out the way and wins. Hopefully, there is still a chance that we will finally find out.”

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