Jordi Cruyff says he is worried about the current situation at Manchester United

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Manchester United’s recent struggles under Jose Mourinho have certainly been well-documented by fans and pundits alike.

It’s seemed an eternity since we saw United under Sir Alex Ferguson become long-term conquerors of European football. Now, however, those days seem like a distant memory.

Even the Red Devils’ most-recent Premier League-winning season was a mere six seasons ago. But, again, the side’s drastic fall from grace in such a short time period begs the question of where it all went wrong.

Jordi Cruyff is perhaps best-known for being the son of legendary player Johan, a player who redefined the sport in his heyday.

However, the 44-year-old also once plied his trade as a player, featuring for some of the sport’s biggest sides such as Barcelona and Manchester United.

As translated by, he wrote: “In and around Old Trafford everything was all about winning.

“At home or away, Manchester United always went for the win. Everyone at the club was busy with it every day.

“That is why the current situation worries me.”


Jordi then compared the mentality of the club with that of Barcelona, who he claims set themselves much higher standards.

He continued: “If Barcelona has a bad year, the club will not finish even third place in the Spanish league.

“That should also apply to Manchester United, but that is not the case.

“In recent years, the club has been struggling to stay even in the Premier League’s ‘sub-top’.”

Cruyff then went on to say that once upon a time, player – including himself – wouldn’t think twice about choosing to join Man United or Man City. But now that has all changed.

He said: “The choice of City’s management team indicates the club works from a clear philosophy that is connected both sportingly and professionally.

“That’s missing at Manchester United. I don’t get the feeling that there is a clear plan that indicates which way everyone in the club should go.

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“Just like Barcelona, the attraction of Manchester United was irresistible. Because of the developments at City, it is no longer so obvious that a footballer now blindly chooses United.”

Bold claims from the former Barca and United man.

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