Gary Neville makes an observation about Steven Gerrard's slip vs Chelsea in 2014


There are few more infamous moments in Premier League history than Steven Gerrard's slip in 2014.

For all intents and purposes, Liverpool had their first league title in over 20 years in their control and an agonising 2-0 defeat to Chelsea handed the initiative to Manchester City.

The game will be remembered for Jose Mourinho's incredibly negative tactics and the turning point came just before half-time when Gerrard lost his footing.

As almost every football fan can recount, Demba Ba proceeded to collect the ball and found the net despite Gerrard's best efforts to hunt him down.

The moment has become the topic of chants, tweets and debate ever since with the slip becoming a difficult incident for both Liverpool and Gerrard himself.

Gerrard's infamous slip

It was an issue he even talked about recently as Rangers manager, where he revealed he required epidural injections before the match.

And during Gary Neville's analysis of the Liverpool defence on Monday Night Football, the Gerrard slip and Ba's goal was once again discussed.

Fascinatingly, too, while discussing a point about the quality of Alisson Becker, Neville revealed a point about the slip incident that he'd been keeping quiet for almost four years.

Liverpool v Chelsea - Premier League

Neville finally reveals his opinion

"I've not said this before because at the time, it was such a deep wound for Liverpool fans and Steven Gerrard personally," Neville explained during the broadcast.

"I thought the keeper should have done better. I've never said it before.

"If that was a moment later on this season, I think Alisson would save it. I think eight times out of ten, he would save it.

"I think it's a scuffed shot from Demba Ba, I don't think he looks confident. It goes in and nobody ever blamed Mignolet for that goal.

"I don't think you can blame him, I don't think you can say he was at fault but Alisson would have saved it."

It might have helped if you blamed Mignolet at the time, Gary!

Football fans react on Twitter

Nevertheless, he makes an interesting point and plenty of football fans quickly on Twitter, with some claiming they've thought the same thing all this time.

Check out some of the best reaction down below:

Exactly like Neville says, you can't slam Mignolet for his contribution to the goal but it's certainly strange that almost nobody has pointed out he could have done better.

And there's certainly reason to suggest Alisson would have dealt with the situation much better, bailing out Gerrard in the process.

If Liverpool had a goalkeeper like Alisson back in 2014, perhaps Gerrard losing his footage would simply be Premier League trivia and not Premier League infamy.

Liverpool v Chelsea - Premier League

Do you think Mignolet should have done better? Have your say in the comments section below.

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