David Haye has made an observation about Tyson Fury's trainer during Deontay Wilder fight

Tyson Fury Media Workout

We're all just about coming to terms with Tyson Fury's fight with Deontay Wilder over a week on.

The pair met in Los Angeles and treated us to one of the top heavyweight clashes of recent times.

Despite dominating the scorecards during the fight, Fury was somehow denied victory against the American, who did floor him, but was largely out-boxed.

And though Anthony Joshua is waiting on the sidelines for a fight against potentially both men in the next couple of years, most boxing fans and pundits around the world are eager for a Wilder-Fury rematch.

Throughout the fight at the Staples Centre, Fury appeared un-flustered by the big-swinging Wilder and patiently wore him down with a solid defence and a strong counter-jab.

David Haye, who famously pulled out of two fights against Fury with injury, was highly impressed with Fury, but also with his trainer Ben Davison during the fight.

Despite adding Freddie Roach to his team during the build-up to the contest, it was the influence of Davison that caught Haye's eye.

"I said if Wilder was able to land clean, like he did in that 12th round, I thought that would be the end of the fight," Haye told Boxing Social.

"What I didn't envisage was Tyson Fury being able to negate 95% of Wilder's attacks. His reflexes were so good, he was making Wilder fall short, making him look very clumsy.

"Wilder looks wild on his best day but he made him look very, very untidy.

"I did an interview beforehand and I said if he could get Wilder into the same mindset that he got Wladimir Klitschko in, he's got a good chance and he seemed to do that.

"He's got a way of somehow putting a spell on you when you're in there.

"Also his young coach as well, I thought that listening to what he was saying to Fury between rounds, Tyson really respected him.

"He was giving him really clear, concise information. He wasn't mumbling, he was just telling him exactly what to do and everything he said was spot on.

"Normally I listen to corners and I'm like 'Oh, what's this guy talking about?' but he was really good.

"I've never seen him before in the corner but he was on the money and I think that's a real nice team they've got there."

Haye certainly makes a good point.

Despite what was perceived to be a lack of experience and fears that could hinder Fury, Davison was calm and composed between rounds and enabled the main man to be the same in the ring.

It's just a shame that Fury didn't get the result that he deserved, but he'll be confident of getting the job done when the rematch surely happens.

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