Gary Neville reacts to Romelu Lukaku's claims that he needs to lose muscle

Gary Neville is confused by Romelu Lukaku's admission that he needs to shed muscle

A lot has been said about Romelu Lukaku's weight in the past few months.

Lukaku's physique has changed dramatically since signing for Manchester United in last summer.

He has visibly put on a lot of muscle in the summer, which has seemed to impact his performances in a red shirt.

Although he remains one of the strongest forwards in the league, his mobility has come into questions.

There's also an argument that his physique is having an adverse effect on his ball control, another area of his game that has been attacked in recent months.

Although Lukaku said criticism about his physique was *b*******' last month, Lukaku admitted earlier this week that he needs to shed muscle.

"(I added) a little bit of muscle," he said, per Sky Sports. "It was at the World Cup. I just felt great and I think I played great over there, and then when I came back it is a different type of style.

"When you are in the Premier League, I cannot play with the same amount of muscle as international football here in the Premier League.

"That was something that when I came back I knew straightaway 'I cannot play in this style like this'."

To see how much his physique has transformed over the summer, view this picture below:

Gary Neville appeared on Monday Night Football and he reacted to Lukaku's claims that he needs to lose weight.

And he stressed how he was 'confused' how this was allowed to happen.

"I struggle with the weight thing and maybe that's just because of how I was as a footballer," he said.

"You could never take a chance with preparation. You could play badly, you could give goals away, you could make mistakes, you could miss chances, whatever type of player you are, these things happen in games. But actually, don't take a chance with preparation.

Romelu Lukaku has put on a lot of muscle over the summer

"Do I turn up every morning? Do I eat the right things? Do I go into the gym at the right times? Do I follow the programme?

"You can argue whether he has got the right programme and then you start to question your coaching staff and things like that, but I really do question that.

"In the modern age when you have 55 staff supporting every team, nutritionists, strength and conditioning coaches, I struggle to understand how a player can be allowed to feel like he has too much muscle or is overweight. Particularly when he's fit."

Gary Neville is confused by Romelu Lukaku's weight situation

Spot on. Lukaku has ridiculous amounts of support at United, but four months into the new season he has finally admitted that he has too much muscle.

It's a view that not many have seen. Many have criticised Lukaku for allowing himself to change his physique so much, but perhaps that's unfair.

Maybe it is the coaching staff's fault at United for his weight issues rather than Lukaku's himself.

Neville picked his Liverpool/Manchester United combined XI ahead of the derby this weekend but he left Lukaku out of his team.

"I think the Lukaku who played at the World Cup for Belgium could make this team easily, but the Lukaku who has played for Manchester United this season is lacking confidence," he explained.

"I would go with the mobility. I would go with the ones that have been playing."

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