Billy Joe Saunders posts honest tweet about Ben Davison amid Freddie Roach criticism

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Tyson Fury took a gamble by appointing the inexperienced Ben Davison as his new trainer last year.

Davison, 26, earned the job in rather unusual circumstances, with Fury testing the young boxing fanatic by asking him to secure the phone numbers of two women in Marbella.

“So we’re all in the coffee shop and these two stunners were walking past in bikinis,” Fury recently explained on the Joe Rogan podcast, per talkSPORT. “I said to Ben Davison: ‘If you go and get me their numbers, you can be my boxing trainer.’

“So, off he went after these two good looking girls, 20 minutes go by and he comes back with no number.

“I said: ‘Right, clearly you’re not the man for me because the trainer I need has to have minerals. And if you can’t get a woman’s number you clearly can’t win fights, can you?’

“He went off all in a mood, comes back two minutes later and says: ‘There’s the numbers, bang.’ I said: ‘You’re hired.’”

Davison has since helped Fury seal wins over Sefer Seferi and Francesco Pianeta, and a draw against WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder, but has been publicly criticised this week by legendary trainer Freddie Roach.

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Roach, speaking on Fox Sports’ ‘Fair Game’ weekday show, admitted he was disappointed with Davison’s instructions to Fury during the Wilder fight.

He believes Fury would have beaten Wilder had he been encouraged by his coach to be more offensive. (You can read Roach’s controversial comments in full HERE).

Many boxing fans reckon Roach, who was also in Fury’s corner for the Wilder fight, is out of line for berating Davison on US TV.

Billy Joe Saunders, meanwhile, has come out and posted a very honest tweet in defence of Fury’s trainer amid Roach’s criticism.

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“@BenDavison_ looks like a Knob,” Saunders began, “but he has very good communication skills with a fighter and can read a fight good and some 1 I look for advice with opponents.”

Bit of a shame that he couldn’t compliment Davison without saying he “looks like a knob” first, but it’s still a positive tweet about the young trainer’s ability.

Here’s how boxing fans have reacted to Saunders’ tweet…

With a rematch between Fury and Wilder expected to take place in 2019, Fury may be put into a position where he’s forced to decide between Davison and Roach.

It’s hard to imagine that the relationship between the two trainers will not have been negatively affected by this week’s interview.

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