Blind Liverpool fan reacts to his celebration for Mohamed Salah's goal going viral


Liverpool's victory over Napoli sent shockwaves through Anfield as Mohamed Salah's exquisite solo goal secured qualification to the Champions League knockout phase.

The Egyptian's 34th-minute strike left fans with over an hour of nail-biting football as Napoli pressed searching for that all important goal.

And if it wasn't for Alisson's last-gasp save, fans would have been going home dejected.

One fan, in particular, revelled in the moment and has become something of a social media phenomenon. 

Despite being blind, a video taking by a fellow fan has proven that football can be enjoyed through a variety of senses.

Mike Kearney, 26, was in attendance at the Kop End for the fixture and was caught experiencing Salah's goal via a visual description from his cousin.

The reaction to this video has gone viral and many fans' hearts have been captured by the heartwarming moment.

Mike was very surprised by the overwhelming response.

"My dad's friend has just Whatsapped me an hour ago with the link and I clicked on it and was like 'wow!' he said to the Liverpool ECHO.

"I saw all the responses and comments, it's so nice to read all the comments. I've been on telly a few times because of my seat and on LFC's YouTube.

"It has been a joke with my cousin and my family saying 'you're on telly again'."

Liverpool v SSC Napoli - UEFA Champions League Group C

Mike has been pleased by not only the level of response the video has received but also the amount of joy it has brought to fans.

He added: "Twitter has been going off - it's mad! It has been really really nice to read the comments about how it makes people happy. It's just normal for me. I was born with a sight problem and I'm registered blind."

The die-hard Liverpool fan goes to every Anfield game but has yet to make a European away day due to the difficulties involving travelling and buying tickets.

"I can see a bit. I thought it was Mane that scored and it wasn't until my cousin said 'It's Mo'. He was telling me who scored.

"If I wasn't registered blind I would just go, but I've got to have someone else with me."