Steven Gerrard tells story about wearing Manchester United kit when he was younger

Liverpool v Queens Park Rangers - Premier League

Steven Gerrard is Liverpool through and through.

One of the best players in the club’s history - if not *the* best player - the Whiston-born local lad spent almost all of his playing career at Anfield.

Gerrard played 710 games for the Reds, scoring 186 goals and winning a handful of major honours in the process, including the 2005 UEFA Champions League.

The Telegraph ranked Gerrard as number one on their list of Liverpool’s greatest ever players, ahead of the legendary Kenny Dalglish, in 2015.

This is despite the fact, of course, that he was unable to win a league title with his boyhood club.

But Liverpool fans might be a little shocked to hear that Gerrard once purposely decided to wear a Manchester United shirt while playing football as a kid, much to his dad’s dismay.

You see, there was a player at Old Trafford who Gerrard admired. He would eventually be compared to him years later, too.

Bryan Robson - also known as ‘Captain Marvel’ during the 1980s - was an all-action midfielder who starred for both United and England.

Robson At Manchester United

Despite the fact Robson was playing for United, Gerrard was a fan - and couldn’t resist the chance to pull on a shirt with his name on it while having a kick-about with his friends.

“A mate of mine owned this Robson top, the old blue-and-white one with dashes on it,” he wrote in his autobiography, per talkSPORT.

“We were kicking about on Ironside [the appropriately named road he grew up on] and I asked him whether I could be Robson for a while.

“I slipped out of my Liverpool shirt, and put the Robson one on.

“It felt fantastic.

“I wore it for an hour, charging all over, flying into tackles, scoring brave goals, pretending I was Robson.

“Because the shirt had Robson’s name on it, I forgot about the United bit.

“I didn’t seem like treachery to Liverpool, more homage to an England god.”

However, Gerrard’s father spotted his son charging about in the United kit and made his feelings crystal clear.

“Unfortunately, dad looked out the window and went ballistic,” he continued.

“‘Get inside now!’ he screamed. Scarcely through the door, I ran into a right good grilling.

“‘What the hell are you playing at, wearing a Manchester United shirt?’ he asked.

“‘But dad, it’s Bryan Robson’s shirt,’ I explained.

“Dad couldn’t have cared less. ‘You should know better,’ he said.

“It was a United strip, and dad wasn’t having any son of his dragging the Gerrard name through the Huyton gutter.

“What would the neighbours think? Honest to God, I thought I was going to have to move house!

“I was only a baby but I was convinced dad would kick me out for putting on that United shirt.”

UEFA Champions League Final - AC Milan v Liverpool

Liverpool fans will no doubt be thrilled to hear that Gerrard was reprimanded by his dad for pulling on a Man Utd shirt.

Gerrard Snr. made sure he nipped it in the bud there and then.

Who knows what might have happened had he not intervened.

Perhaps Gerrard would have ended up at Old Trafford instead, playing under Sir Alex Ferguson, winning trophy after trophy.

Only joking, Liverpool fans.

There was only ever going to be one club Gerrard would end up playing for - and that, of course, was his beloved Reds.

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