Sugar Ray Leonard dismisses Floyd Mayweather and has his say on the greatest ever boxer

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The great Sugar Ray Leonard has claimed that Floyd Mayweather is utterly wrong.

Mayweather believes, and has for some time, that he is the greatest boxer to ever grace the ring.

Wrong. Well at least according to Ray Leonard, who has overwhelmingly titled Muhammad Ali as the best boxer ever.

It is no secret that Mayweather and Ray Leonard aren’t exactly the greatest of friends.

Over the years, the two have been very critical of one another in interviews and even in person to each other.

Many believe that the not seeing eye-to-eye goes back to when Ray Leonard defeated Floyd Mayweather Senior.

Despite this, the man who won titles in five different weight division believes that no-one compares to the great Ali.

“It is Muhammad Ali. Without question,” claimed the light-heavyweight champion, when asked by TMZ

Clearly over the fruitless quarrels with Mayweather, Ray Leonard showed the three-time U.S golden glove winner the upmost respect on hearing that he believed he was the best boxer of all time.

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He claimed that fighters are supposed to think they are the best and that they can take on the world.

“Well, he is supposed to. That’s Floyd. If he wants to believe that he can beat the world, that he is the best ever. That’s okay.”

Often regarded as one of the greatest of all time himself, it is hard to argue with the verdict of Ray Leonard.

Mayweather can play the undefeated card after having won 50 of his 50 professional fights, with 27 coming by way of knockout, but that's not enough in Sugar Ray's eyes.

The Greatest

Ali lost five fights throughout his career. Three of which came in his last four fights.

Though, Ali won six more fights than Mayweather and recorded 10 more knockouts than his fellow American.

Ultimately, it is the legacy that Ali left that depicts him as one of the best. What he did for the sport those years ago arose the nickname “The Greatest.”

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