Three potential replacements for Baron Corbin as Raw General Manager should he lose at TLC

Baron Corbin

One of the main reasons that WWE fans have been turning off Raw in recent weeks is the over-exposure of Baron Corbin on Monday nights.

After General Manager Kurt Angle was given a leave of absence from his duties, Stephanie McMahon promoted Corbin to the acting GM.

As expected under his role, it's the heels that have become prominent at the top of the card, Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley aligning themselves with Corbin.

We now know that Vince McMahon's return to WWE television has been announced for this Monday, and it could involve the running of Raw.

Seth Rollins directed his grievances to Corbin this past week, which mirror the concerns fans have about the product - it looked like a way for creative, and McMahon, to blame someone else for the decreasing viewership.

With Angle reportedly training for a return to the ring, perhaps in a full-time capacity, it looks like he may be out of the frame should Corbin be defeated this Sunday.

So we have named three potential replacements for the Lone Wolf if he comes out on the losing end at TLC.

Alexa Bliss

There's been suggestions that Bliss is training for a return to the ring after three months out of action, but she's currently overseeing the women's division on Raw.

Alexa Bliss' struggles with injury means she could be a candidate to take over as Raw GM.

You can't deny that Bliss portrays the antagonist really well, and if she doesn't pass medical tests anytime in the foreseeable future, there could be a long-term role for her as an authority figure.

But we all want the five-time Women's Champion to return to the ring sometime soon - not particularly because of her wrestling ability, but because it would mean she's healthy and fighting.

Matt Hardy

Another superstar who's seen himself on the sidelines recently, Hardy stepped away from the ring in August after revealing his lower back and pelvis were fusing together, causing considerable pain.

Another star troubled with injuries, Matt Hardy's wacky persona could see him as the perfect fit for Raw GM.

There were even reports that the Broken one was learning the ropes backstage to become a Producer, much akin to the likes of Fit Finlay, Jamie Noble and Dean Malenko.

Despite having plans to wrestle again in the future, Hardy has also this week discussed the idea of becoming the Raw GM.

It would certainly be bizarre, but it would surely be a heck of a lot more entertaining than what we see currently from the red brand authority figure.

Jeff Jarrett

The newly-inducted Hall of Famer would be a bit of a wildcard pick, but he seems to be more and more involved with the company nowadays.

WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett would be a wildcard GM selection, but could be highly entertaining.

Just last week 'Double J' appeared at the Tennessee Titans' game against Jacksonville Jaguars and was seen holding a SmackDown Live shirt to promote their move to FOX Sports in October 2019.

After spearheading TNA Wrestling throughout the 2000s, mainly as a heel figure, Jarrett could easily take control of Raw as a good or bad guy.

It might take viewers a while to get themselves re-acquainted with Jarrett, but long-time fans would probably welcome such a move.

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