Anthony Joshua has a theory about Tyson Fury’s 12th-round recovery v Deontay Wilder


Tyson Fury produced one of the most dramatic recoveries in recent boxing memory in the 12th round against Deontay Wilder earlier this month.

The Brit appeared to have been knocked out cold at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, but stunned everyone - Wilder included - by beating the referee’s count, rising to his feet and then finishing the bout.

Fury subsequently kept his unbeaten record intact, sealing a deserved draw from the WBC heavyweight title bout.

"Credit to him he caught me flush but I got up and I don't know how," Fury told reporters, per Sky Sports, after the fight. "It was like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

"I had two decisions on that floor - stay down or get up. As long as there's life left in this body I'll keep continuing to fight.

"It's very easy to beat me, nail me to the canvas.”

Wilder, meanwhile, summed up Fury’s recovery nicely while watching the fight back with journalists: "If you didn’t believe in God then, you do now!”

It was a recovery that bordered on the miraculous. Nobody inside the Staples Center, or on their televisions at home, expected Fury to get back to his feet seconds after sustaining that shot from Wilder.

However, Anthony Joshua - who is expected to fight the winner of the potential rematch between Fury and Wilder - has his own interesting theory about Fury’s recovery.

Deontay Wilder v Tyson Fury

He reckons that Fury’s recovery wasn’t miraculous at all.

Why? Because he thinks that Fury was simply tired, and doubts that particular punch from Wilder was powerful enough to knock his opponent out.

“I just think he was tired. Wilder didn’t hit him flush, like a highlight-reel knockout,” Joshua has said in a new interview with iFL TV.

“Fury from three years out… you know when your body just isn’t the same as it was, so that fight would have made his body stronger and so on.

“I think he was just tired, needed that five seconds to gather himself and then he got up.”


The interviewer than asked Joshua to confirm that he didn’t think Fury was really out cold, to which he replied: “No. Tired. His body gave up but his spirit didn’t.

“When you’re out cold, your spirit’s not intact, your body’s not intact, I think he went down tired, five seconds and then his spirit went ‘I’m still here’ - got up and continued to fight.

“That’s my opinion on it because when you get hit flush, your spirit and body disconnects - you’re not with it. But his spirit was still within him, it rose him up and he realised ‘hang on, I’m still fighting’.”


It seems Joshua isn’t as impressed with Fury’s recovery as the rest of us were.

He thinks the incident was made to look more dramatic than it actually was because Fury was drained.

You can watch Joshua give his thoughts on the 12th round at 5:12 in the following video…

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