Michael van Gerwen's walk-on was delayed after he was showered in beer by darts fan

Michael van Gerwen was upset after being showered by beer

Michael van Gerwen showed why he is the favourite to win the 2019 World Darts Championship after he demolished Alan Tabern in his opening game of the tournament.

The Dutchman won 3-1 as he raced into the third round of the competition with a 102.59 average.

However, it was what happened before the contest that created the biggest headlines.

With Tabern already on the stage, it was Van Gerwen's turn to enjoy his walk-on.

His walk-in music had already started, but those watching on Sky Sports were quickly alerted that his entrance had been delayed.

The cause for the delay was because he had something spilled on his shirt.

However, it soon became public knowledge that a darts fan had actually thrown beer over him.

His entrance was delayed by around five minutes and, when he finally took to the stage, he looked livid.

His angry expression continued throughout the match, but it did not seem to have an impact on his darting ability.

A few videos have now emerged showing why he was so angry, and you've got to feel for him.

Wayne Mardle brandished the fans' actions as 'disgusting' and 'disgraceful', and you can see why from the video.

Fortunately, it appears that the darts fan was thrown out following his actions.

Dan Dawson confirmed that the PDC had released a statement revealing the fan had been removed from the premises.

"The person who threw the beer was removed immediately," the statement read. "This is not behaviour that will be tolerated by the PDC."

And Dave Clark revealed after the game that he had been banned from attending darts venues for life. That seems like the right decision after watching the videos.

Van Gerwen admitted afterwards that the incident made him 'so angry'.

"It never happened to me before, I had two pints of drink on my head," he said, per LiveDarts.

"I was so angry, but what can you do? The only thing I could do was change my shirt and wash my hands.

"It was quite difficult, I was a bit emotional but I'm glad I won this game."

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