Saul Canelo Alvarez was forced to rewrap hands ahead of Rocky Fielding fight

Canelo Alvarez v Rocky Fielding

Canelo Alvarez dealt with Rocky Fielding comprehensively on Saturday, knocking the Brit down on four occasions before a third-round stoppage ended the bout in New York.

However, Fielding’s trainer Jamie Moore has revealed that the drama had actually started before the fighters stepped out into the ring, with his team unhappy with the way Alvarez’s tape was wrapped.

Moore claims that Alvarez was ‘stacking’, a contentious issue in the boxing world, with it being legal in some states but not in others.

The fight took place in New York, a state where stacking is illegal, which led Moore and fellow member of Fielding’s team, Nigel Travis, to take up issue with Alvarez’s cohort.

“As you can imagine because of the superstar he is, he gets the rub of the green,” Moore told Boxing News. “I’d seen somebody getting wrapped up on DAZN, they put it on Twitter, I’d seen it earlier on and I said that’s not right in this state.

“They were wrapping the tape numerous times round the wrist and hand. It’s stacking, you’re not allowed to do it. We raised it as an issue, the commission agreed, said, ‘No, you’re right, you can’t do it.’ I sent Nige in and Nige got there, they’d already done it. So made them take it off, said you’re not allowed to do that.

"The commission agreed to take it off and then they done it again. No, take it off again. So they started going crazy. Sent five people into my room saying take the tape off his hand, I said no problem, I don’t want tape on.

Canelo Alvarez v Rocky Fielding

“We knew we were going to walk into those sort of situations when we were coming here so we weren’t surprised. But Nige did the exact right thing. He didn’t bow to them. He went out and got the main guy and said tell them to take that off twice. He had them do it twice. It had to be rewrapped twice and rightly so.

"At the end of the day there are rules and regulations and people have to stick by them.

“You can’t just do your own thing because you’re Canelo.”

Canelo Alvarez v Rocky Fielding

With regards to the fight, Fielding didn’t manipulate his height advantage effectively enough to keep Alvarez at a good range but Moore, while accepting that this was a mistake, admitted that “tactics are easier said than done”.

“As far as longevity’s concerned it wasn’t a nine, 10, 11 round beat down,” Moore reflected. “He’ll be alright. He’s disappointed, I’m gutted for him because I know he could have done it better.

“We believed we could have won before, if we’d done it right, but watching that now it was a big ask. He wanted to test himself against the very best. And that’s all you can want from a fighter.”

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