Bubba Ray Dudley explains why no WWE superstar will get as big as John Cena again


Throughout the years, WWE has had many superstars compete in its ring, but none have grabbed the brass ring with a stronger grip than John Cena.

A 16-time world champion, Cena is arguably the greatest WWE superstar of all-time ahead of the likes of The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin due to what he has managed to achieve in all aspects of WWE life.

Not only is he a champion in the ring, but he's also done a lot of work outside of it with huge, growing success in Hollywood, as well as all the work he does for the Make a Wish charity.

Since Cena has taken a step away from the WWE over the past year, no one in the company has really come close to being as big as The Leader of the Cenation. According to Bubba Ray Dudley, WWE will never allow another star to get as big as him as well.

Speaking on The Ross Report, Dudley believes no superstar in the future of WWE will ever get as big as Cena because WWE doesn't want another star having the level of control or say that Cena has in his booking.

He said, via Wrestling Inc: “Seth Rollins has done it all and can do it all. But how come Seth Rollins is not at Cena level? How come he’s not at Rock level? How come he’s not at Austin level?

"It’s because I don’t think they will ever allow anyone to get to that level again. If you take the three biggest stars over the last 20-some-odd years, would you say that Cena, Austin, and The Rock are the three biggest ones?

Bubba Ray Dudley believes Seth Rollins is as close as WWE has got to replacing John Cena

“Okay, so those three guys in their own way do what they wanted to do without Vince’s approval. Listen, Steve was able to walk out and still come back and have a job. [Ross] helped out a lot, but not a lot of people walk out and come back in the next day. Rocky was able to walk away and become the biggest star in Hollywood.

“And John, my God! He just won the Muhammad Ali Award. He [has] granted more wishes than anybody on the planet. I mean, he walks on water when it comes to the WWE. And he was able to tell Vince, ‘I’m not [going to Saudi Arabia].’ I don’t think they’re ever going to let anybody get to that level again where they have control or say.”

John Cena has achieved huge success inside and outside the WWE ring

With the way WWE has transformed as a business over recent years, especially with the rise of the WWE Network, not many superstars have leverage against the company to get the booking which they want, and no one is likely to achieve such power in the future.

Sure, they could leave the business like others have in the past to get their booking control, but they won't put a huge dent in WWE's production like when Cena, Austin, and The Rock left in the past.

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