Journalist has explained Paul Pogba's Instagram post after Jose Mourinho sacking

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Paul Pogba was always going to become a talking point upon Jose Mourinho's sacking.

However, Manchester United fans probably didn't expect him to spark controversy with an Instagram post just minutes after the news broke.

Reports about Pogba having a negative relationship with his manager have been circulating for months and training ground footage looked to have confirmed those worries.

As a result, United fans were keeping their eyes peeled for any sort of social media activity from Pogba when the club announced the news.

They didn't have to wait long either, with Pogba posting an image of him pulling a sly face and encouraging fans to devise a caption for the photograph.

Pogba's 'reaction' to Mourinho exit

The Instagram post read: "Caption this! @manutd #manutd #mufc @adidasfootball #heretocreate."

It's easy to understand why United fans thought Pogba was taking a dig at his departing manager and in their defence, the timing of the post was simply uncanny.

But for all the reports about Pogba's issues with Mourinho, would he really make an underhand joke as he was kick out of Old Trafford?

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Adidas explain the Instagram post

Well, that's what United fans have desperately been trying to work out and it seems an answer has finally emerged from one of Pogba's sponsors.

Supporters had suspected the upload was in association with a company, in this case Adidas, and they have now provided a statement to football writer Chris Williams. 

Speaking to a contact at Adidas, he established that the Instagram post was in fact scheduled and the timing of the post was an unfortunate accident.

The statement read: "Pogba's social media posts were a scheduled event, part of a marketing campaign. Immediately taken down once it became apparent that it could be misconstrued as disrespectful to Manchester United and José Mourinho"

Well, there you have it.

Not all fans will be buying the explanation, though, and many will consider the timing as just too convenient to be waived away like that.

Nevertheless, it would be incredibly bold for Pogba to fire shots at his manager and it seems like Adidas' explanation is completely innocent.

Either way, the right thing was done and Pogba proceeded to remove the post from Instagram as a backlash started to emerge in the comments.

Regardless of any Instagram activity, though, there was certainly bad blood between player and manager, so surely Pogba is happy to see change.

United have some big decisions to make in the coming days and it could have major implications for the Frenchman's future at Old Trafford.

Just check your scheduled posts next time, Paul.

Do you think Pogba's Instagram post was deliberate? Have your say in the comments section below.

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