Trent Alexander-Arnold: Why the young star is so integral to Klopp's Liverpool

Still so young TAA is already one of Liverpool's key men

Consistent, improving all the time and now undisputedly an integral member of Jurgen Klopp's Liverpool, Trent Alexander-Arnold's worth to the Reds cannot be underestimated.

After enjoying a breakout campaign last term, he's kept up his exceptional level this season too.

Having now passed 50 appearances for his beloved boyhood club and earned five caps for England, Alexander-Arnold is a seasoned, reliable performer for both club and country.

In light of his spectacular rise, it's hardly surprising the man who's living his dream playing for Liverpool intends on staying at the Merseyside club for life.

"Definitely to play for Liverpool is the dream, the aim, and I can't see it changing to be fair," he said recently.

“As long as possible I want to have that relationship with Liverpool, to be a Liverpool player. To say I have done that for the whole of my career is something I have dreamed of being able to say.”

Judging by his output, Liverpool will surely be only too happy to keep him, for he offers so much on both sides of the ball. Attacking with dynamism, energy and poise, he's had a wonderful impact for the Reds in this phase.

A coherent ball user, his passing has been well weighted, accurate and full of tempo to add life and positivity into their passages. Whether through playing breaking vertical passes, sizzling diagonals to the opposite flank, clipped through balls over the top, clean combination play or via his adept crosses and cutbacks, his range and execution has stood out.


It's been notable that when a progressive option isn't available, he's recycled possession with speed, in order to get the ball back centrally quickly so Liverpool can access the far side and put pressure on their opposition to shift quickly.

His clever movement has also been a weapon for him, which in combination with his searing pace and spatial awareness, has seen him take up hugely promising positions.

Displaying his effectiveness at embarking on underlapping and overlapping runs, plus at performing astute rotations with his nearby midfielders and attackers, Alexander-Arnold has been a challenging adversary to track.

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Factor in his timing, how he expertly stretches opposition defensive blocks both horizontally and vertically and the way he regularly instigates his runs on the blindside of his tracker, and this only enhances his worth to Klopp's offensive mechanics.


In Liverpool's more methodical build-up play, he's illustrated his value neatly, with shrewd positioning to generate triangles and diamonds to help break down and unhinge opposing defensive units.

These overloads not only give Liverpool numerical superiority but also a positional advantage, which has increased their capacity to progress upfield.


Always keen to receive in isolation scenarios, his crafty dribbling, tidy pieces of skill and ball maneuvering powers have given Liverpool another dimension going forward.

It's essential to mention that when he bombs up, a midfielder or central defender will slide across and cover the space behind him to provide structural security to give him the freedom to get involved.

One last aspect that can't be overlooked is his sublime set-piece ability. A real master at whipping in corners, dead balls and free kicks, the athletic youngster's aptitude in this regard has been a joy to watch, as he's parlayed power, placement, precision and finesse expertly.


Venturing onto his defensive efforts, and the Englishman holds his own here too. Remaining concentrated and alert, he tracks runners and responds to pressing triggers swiftly for the most part.

By frequently surveying his surroundings and communicating, verbally and non verbally, with his teammates, this has given him a solid foundation to undertake his duties.

On top of this, his lightning pace has meant he can recover if his man gets the jump on him, something that also vitally helps his colleagues if they require support in the event of a mistake or a blown marking assignment.

Awake to when one of his centre-backs steps out to press his dropping striker, he intelligently shifts across to occupy this space so the defensive structure isn't compromised.


Ever improving his 1v1 defending, body orientation to cut out crosses and dangerous passing routes, plus his counterpressing exploits to stop opposition transitions high up, his stopping exhibits have been largely full of upside.


While he's shone under Klopp's tutelage, he insists he can still do more and knows his German manager believes he can too. "He obviously wants the best from everyone in his team and I like his honesty," TAA said to Liverpool's magazine.

“He’s always straight with you and that’s good because you know what he’s saying is the truth, so you really listen to it and apply it to yourself. I think the way he goes about it is perfect."

He then added: “The manager hasn’t set me any specific targets but as a full-back you need to get goals and assists in the modern game. Without him saying it, I think we both know that full-backs need to do that, so let’s say my own target would be more goals, more assists and more contributions going forward as well as helping the team to keep more clean sheets.”


Statistically speaking, his all-round efforts are depicted by his 1.05 key passes per game, 3.8 crosses pg, 4.7 ball recoveries, one dribble pg, two tackles pg and four interceptions pg.

Still young and not yet the finished article, it's frightening to think how good he will be in the future. Being so level-headed, determined to improve and working under Klopp's demanding stewardship, this should guard against any complacency to ensure he fulfils his enormous potential.