Martin Tyler offers his thoughts on Mourinho's behaviour at Man Utd after sacking

Martin Tyler

Manchester United have made the big call and got rid of Jose Mourinho as manager.

Throughout the season so far, the Portuguese manager appears to have been on the cusp of departing Old Trafford following a disastrous summer transfer window.

It was well-known that Ed Woodward refused to meet some of the manager's financial demands, with Fred the only major signing arriving.

Results since have been woeful, with United now 19 points off of Liverpool following their 3-1 defeat at Anfield on Sunday.

Mourinho just hasn't looked himself this season, with his press conferences becoming infamous for his outbursts.

And legendary Sky Sports commentator Martin Tyler has offered his insight into Mourinho's demeanour behind-the-scenes so far in 2018/19.

It's quite sad to hear someone like Tyler talk about a Premier League manager like this.

Tyler said on Sky Sports: "From being the Special One, he has become the Miserable One and no one can really understand why, even when you really try and analyse it. Maybe he created a persona that he just found impossible to live up to.

“Every press conference has become something you want to avoid at all costs. I did his last game on Sunday and I must say that you do not really want to spend time in his company. That’s sad because he was a magnet before. Something has changed.

“We talk a lot about the difficulties of sportsmen and that they need a bit of help. I honestly feel the Mourinho i’ve seen around Old Trafford this season, somebody needs to take him to one side and say ‘are you ok?’. He hasn’t looked okay at all.”

He's clearly concerned for Mourinho's well-being after what has been a very difficult few months.

Mourinho vs Valencia

Perhaps being removed from his post and given time to recuperate is exactly what Mourinho needed.

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