Johnny Nelson spotted key moment from Dillian Whyte and Dereck Chisora face-off

Dillian Whyte v Dereck Chisora II

Cruiserweight boxing legend and ‘Gloves Are Off’ host Johnny Nelson revealed Dillian Whyte ‘dominated’ the face off with Dereck Chisora with one simple gesture.

The rematch between the heavyweights comes two years after Whyte beat Chisora in a brutal 12-round split decision which left the fans craving more.

Nelson, who is the longest reigning cruiserweight of all time, admitted in an exclusive with Daily Star: “Dillian was showing maturity and control.

"You know when a dog p***es up a tree?

"He was marking his territory.”

Last time out on The Gloves Are Off, it ended in a huge brawl between the rival fighters, but this time Whyte reassured Nelson with a pat on the shoulder at the face-off that it wasn't going to be the same this time around.

The 51-year-old said: “This is what Dillian was doing to say ‘you’re in my world, you’re boxing in my show.

“He wanted to be the boss of the whole environment, even when we did ‘Gloves Are Off’.

“It’s kidology. When you’re around your opponent, you need to get in his head before a punch.

Dillian Whyte Press Conference

“So it was a little play-act to say to Dereck Chisora ‘You’re in my world, I’m in control of my environment’.

“They were like two kids with a parent.”

Nelson admitted that the 30-year-old reminds him of former unified heavyweight champion Joe Frazier with his maturity and to fight whatever the circumstance.

However, Chisora should not be easily ruled out due to the positive signs he showed in their last encounter, almost knocking out Whyte and was deemed by many unlucky not to win the fight.

Boxing at The O2

In his last fight, he beat Carlos Takam by TKO, and now looks to be in the way of Whyte’s shot at the heavyweight titles.

If Whyte can overcome Chisora on Saturday, it's likely he'll once again share the ring with Anthony Joshua, who is the only man to hand Whyte a defeat so far in his professional career.

Speaking of Joshua, he's recently backed Chisora to get the job done this weekend, and claims he's made that prediction because he simply doesn't like Whyte.

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