Bray Wyatt's WWE future is clarified after creepy tweets tease that he's leaving

Bray Wyatt

The absence of Bray Wyatt from WWE television has been absolutely mystifying.

Last seen challenging for the Raw Tag Team Championships back in August with Matt Hardy before quietly going their separate ways, you'd expect that the Eater Of Worlds would have been back now going solo when Raw needs stars to step up.

But he's still nowhere to be found.

After showing up unexpectedly at the Starrcade live event last month to take on Baron Corbin, it was then expected that he may replace Braun Strowman in his booked TLC match with the then-Raw GM, but nothing came of it.

It's led to fans asking on social media what on earth the creative team are doing for them to have no plans for him after all this time.

And during Monday Night Raw this week, Wyatt took to Twitter to post three ominous messages, which seemingly signified that he might be leaving the company.

It could just mean the Bray Wyatt character won't be what it used to be - a cult leader of-sorts - but that persona had so much uncapitalised potential a few years ago.

The short run with the WWE Championship didn't compensate for all the years wasted building the character, only to be let down by booking.

Bray Wyatt is scheduled to return to live events next week.

If you're disappointed about Wyatt's potential departure though, prepare to be excited again.

As NoDQ have reported, Mike Johnson of PWInsider has stated that Wyatt is scheduled to appear at Raw live events after Christmas Day, starting with the December 26 show at Madison Square Garden.

What this could mean is Wyatt is set for a repackaged character - no clues of what that might be but a repackage isn't even needed, WWE just need to make him a monster again.

A fully-focused and determined Bray could dominate the red brand, and could be one of the greatest assets towards the 'fresh start' that the McMahons have promised within WWE.

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