Journalist responds after Alexis Sanchez denies his £20k bet on Jose Mourinho's sacking

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A remarkable story emerged on Thursday night with The Sun claiming that Alexis Sanchez had bet Marcos Rojo £20,000 that Jose Mourinho would be sacked.

According to the report, Sanchez messaged the Manchester United players’ WhatsApp group saying: “I told you so!! Patience is all it takes. Rojo you owe me £20k.”

It didn’t take long for the Chilean to deny those claims, though.

On Friday afternoon, Sanchez tweeted a picture of the newspaper report with the word ‘FALSE’ printed across it.

He wrote: “This is FALSE!!!. Jose gave me the chance to play for the best team in the world and I only have gratitude for him.

“We are a truly United team. We are MANCHESTER UNITED. Respect. I can't wait to help the team !. Good luck tomorrow family!”


However, the journalist that broke the news story - Neil Custis - has responded.

Shortly after Sanchez’s tweet, Custis hit back with three tweets.

They read: “Believe what you wish on Sanchez, the story is right. He gives himself away by saying he has gratitude for Mourinho when he actually behaved appallingly towards him.

“Sanchez behaved appallingly to Mourinho to clarify and kept moaning to teammates about how much better things could have been at city.

“Mourinho constantly tried to defend Sanchez when he was playing like a drain and then criticising the manager for his tactics in front of others. Let’s not all be naive.”


It’s hard to know who to believe but Custis is very adamant that Sanchez wrote that message.

Whether or not Alexis will receive that £20k from Rojo is unknown…

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