Football fan makes compilation of Cristiano Ronaldo's finest skills since Juventus move


For all of Cristiano Ronaldo's brilliance, sometimes football fans miss the days of his showboating and skills at Manchester United.

The man himself has admitted that skills have become a much smaller part of his game, deciding instead to focus on more direct football and creating opportunities for his teammates.

In a 2017 interview with freestyler Touzani, Ronaldo explained: "In a game the most important thing is to win, and goals helps to win.

"You can mix - first goals, and after tricks and assists after. What the people want is goals, so I try to score goals.

"I still do it (skills), not the same as at Manchester, but I still do it. Now I prefer goals, am focused more on goals. Skills comes third."

Ronaldo using less and less skills

That's certainly fair enough and it must have played a major role in Ronaldo becoming an unparalleled goalscorer at Real Madrid, with a lucrative 450 goals in 438 appearances.

However, it doesn't make those old videos of Ronaldo showboating any less entertaining and he brought fans some outrageous moments during his time at United.

Lest we forget the time he turned 'football in a circus' during the game against Al Hilal or when he played his most entertaining football during the win over a European XI.

Shamrock Rovers v Real Madrid - Pre Season Friendly

'Old Ronaldo' moments at Juventus

That being said, since moving to Juventus in the summer, it seems Ronaldo has been more open to reviving the skills and they're appearing more frequently in Serie A.

Whether it's the different role he plays with the Old Lady or the challenges of Italian football, he appears more willing to try the step-overs and flicks associated with the 'Old Ronaldo.'

It makes for some pretty entertaining moments throughout his short spell already and YouTube user @SlizhenkovHD had compiled his flashiest moments so far.

Take a look at the video down below (it starts at 0:24):

The more old Ronaldo the better and some of these clips are just class.

Fans have heard endless stories of how Ronaldo used to constantly practise different tricks around Carrington and he seems he hasn't forgotten after all those years.

And it's testament to Ronaldo that he's been able to incorporate these tricks alongside his goal scoring, which currently stands at 12 strikes in 22 games.

It doesn't compare to his Real Madrid numbers at the moment, but he's already tearing up records at Juventus and doing so in entertaining fashion.


Even when you're Ronaldo, though, time starts to catch up on you and Max Allegri is set to rest him for the upcoming clash with Atalanta.

However, no matter when the day comes that Ronaldo hangs up his boots, you can bet that he'll bow out in style.

Do you think Ronaldo should use more skills at Juventus? Have your say in the comments section below.

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