Napoli's Kalidou Koulibaly responds to racist abuse from Inter Milan fans

Napoli's Kalidou Koulibaly

Inter Milan's 1-0 over Napoli was marred by horrific racist abuse from home fans directed at defender Kalidou Koulibaly.

Messages were broadcast over the tannoy system on three occasions demanding fans to halt their horrendous chants directed at the Senegalese centre-back.

After the game, Napoli boss Carlo Ancelotti explained that he tried to get the game suspended each time his star defender was abused by the Inter fans.

“There was a strange atmosphere, as we asked three times for play to be suspended, they had announcements with the speaker three times,” Ancelotti said, per Guardian.

“Koulibaly was certainly irritable. Usually, he is very calm and professional, but he was subjected to monkey noises throughout the game.

"We asked three times for some action to be taken, but the match continued. We keep being told play can be halted, but when? After four or five announcements?

"Maybe we have to take matters into our own hands next time and stop play ourselves. They’ll probably make us lose the game if we walk off, but we are prepared to do it. It’s not good for Italian football, seeing this.”

Well said, Carlo.

Ancelotti with Koulibaly

And after the game, Koulibaly - who was actually sent off late in the game - posted a powerful tweet about the abuse he had suffered.


The tweet translated reads: “I’m disappointed by the defeat, but above all at leaving my brothers. But I am proud of the colour of my skin. Proud to be French, Senegalese, Neapolitan: a man.”

A brilliant, defiant response to a cowardly bunch of supporters.

Inter may have won the game in the stoppage-time courtesy of a Lautaro Martinez strike, but the chants from the fans ensure that the game was lost in the eyes of everyone else.

Italy has a serious issue with racist abuse and something drastic needs to be done.

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