Steven Gerrard's message to John Arne Riise after golf club incident with Craig Bellamy

Steven Gerrard & John Arne Riise

Most football fans are well aware of the Liverpool 'golf club incident' while the team were on a training camp in Portugal back in 2007.

Welsh winger Craig Bellamy attacked John Arne Riise in his hotel room with a golf club after a disagreement involving karaoke on a night out.

Bellamy was heavily intoxicated and was fined £80,000 for his appalling actions.

However, Liverpool won their first game after the incident away at Barcelona 2-1, with Bellamy and Riise ironically the goal scorers on that famous night.

Bellamy actually celebrated by imitating a golf swing, while both players actually embraced on the pitch after Riise's winning goal.

The Norwegian left-back has stressed that it was simply due to the euphoria of the moment and the pair are nowhere close to being friends.

And in his autobiography, Riise has explained Steven Gerrard's message to him after the attack.

The Guardian have published Riise's entire account of the incident, in which he writes: "Gerrard once said to me: If I’d been in your shoes, I don’t think I would have managed.”

It is well worth reading the entire extract, as some of the details given by Riise really are shocking.

Riise celebrates vs Barcelona

Gerrard was the one that actually organised the night, with then manager Rafa Benitez demanding a report from his captain after he let things spiral out of control.

Bellamy actually did apologise for his actions in his own autobiography, writing, per Telegraph: "I look back at what I did now and I cringe. It was pathetic.

"It was stupidity of the highest level. It was drunken, bullying behaviour."

The Welshman unsurprisingly left Liverpool for West Ham in the summer of 2007, with Riise departing for Roma the following year.

Bellamy imitates the golf swing

Liverpool would go on to lose in the final of the Champions League in 2007 to AC Milan following their victory on away goals against Barca.

However, that year's run will always be remembered for a golf club rather than a football.

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