WWE fans are backing Zack Ryder after he posts an alarming tweet about his time on Raw in 2018

Zack Ryder

If you were a WWE fan throughout the early 2010s, you'd know all about the rise of Zack Ryder to prominency on the main roster.

After early runs on the main roster as a tag team with Curt Hawkins and a stint as the 'Long Island Loudmouth', Ryder expressing his unhappiness about his position within the company started a huge push for himself.

His YouTube series 'Z! True Long Island Story' gained him a huge following in the WWE Universe and clearly caught the attention of backstage WWE staff, as later in 2011 he claimed the United States Championship, his first singles title within the company.

But that successful few months soon fizzled out, and in 2012 he was back to the lower-end of shows, his past glories had already been forgotten about.

You had to fast-forward to 2016 until his next taste of gold, a feel-good WrestleMania moment where he captured the Intercontinental Championship - only to lose it the night after on Raw to The Miz.

Aside from the formation and break-up of a tag team with Mojo Rawley, the last couple of years have been really insignificant for Ryder, but you can guarantee any kind of mini-push on the main roster would be well received by the fans.

But his latest tweet may mean that chance will never come if he has gone out-of-character.

Ryder has pointed out on his official account that since being switched to Monday Night Raw in the Superstar Shake-up back in April, he's not been booked for a single match.

Not one.

Zack Ryder hasn't appeared on Raw once since his move in the Superstar Shake-up.

"I haven’t had 1 match on Monday Night Raw in 2018 yet. 1 more Raw left...#AlwayzReady #StillHere," Ryder tweeted.

It either means he is tweeting from the heart, or it's a set-up for him to get a match on the New Years Eve episode of Raw.

It is a bit of a shame that Ryder hasn't had a chance in 2018 - he's never going to be a main event level star even though he's still only 33, but there should really be a spot for him on the card.

WWE fans are backing Ryder all the way as well as shown by a stream of tweets directed to him, with some also asking him to consider going somewhere that will appreciate him more.

Let's hope the result of his tweet means a decent match for Long Island Iced Z as WWE closes the book on 2018 this Monday.

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