Floyd Mayweather warns Tenshin Nasukawa over kicking threats


Japanese kickboxing champion Tenshin Nasukawa will not be able to throw a leg-kick at Floyd Mayweather during their upcoming strictly boxing rules fight.

When questioned about the threat from Nasukawa, Mayweather's business partner warned him about the repercussions should he break the boxing rules 

"There is a penalty clause in the contract of an undisclosed amount if he is to use any moves of an MMA nature," Team Mayweather revealed.

This would suggest that any break of the rules from the Japanese kickboxer would be heavily sanctioned, meaning he would miss out on a large percentage of what will be a financially rich fight for him.

Floyd 'Moneymaker' Mayweather is expected to make $88million from the fight, with Tokyo Sports claiming RIZIN will pay him $62 million with the American expecting to make the rest from broadcast deals.

The bout is set to take place tomorrow at 1am ET, Saitama Super Arena, Japan.

Fourteen fights will take place at the New Year's Eve, event including the fight between Mayweather and Nasukawa.

The fight itself has been criticised with it set to be a much less exciting affair than Floyd's previous bout against challengers from other forms of combat sports such as the astronomical McGregor vs "Moneymaker" bout back in the summer of 2017.

It was originally believed that the undefeated 50-0 boxer was to leave his comfort zone and play the Japanese kickboxing champion at his own game


Unfortunately, however, Mayweather pulled out of the event due to there being a misunderstanding, and a new set of rules were then set out for the match-up.

Those rules included: Three, three-minute rounds, no judges, contested at welterweight limit of 147lbs (pounds) and RIZIN 8-ounce gloves to be used.

Three rounds of boxing can only mean that Mayweather is using the event as a simple pay day, the match won't be added to his record as another plus for the boxer.

It seems like a win-win situation for Mayweather as he sits back and slips another large sum into his pocket. 

However, the threats from Nasukawa have added an extra tension and anticipation surrounding the fight that the proudly undefeated Floyd will be wary of.

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