Dana White heaps huge praise on Amanda Nunes following UFC 232 win

In the eyes of many MMA fans, Amanda Nunes wrote her name in the history books of the sport in more ways than one following her win against Cris Cyborg at UFC 232 on Saturday.

The Lioness defeated Cyborg via knockout punch with just 51 seconds gone in the first round last night, becoming the UFC Featherweight Champion in the process.

Due to the fact she still holds the UFC Bantamweight title, and has done so since July 2016, Nunes has gone down as the first woman in UFC history to hold two division titles simultaneously.

However, many fans, as well as the UFC President himself Dana White, want to go even further when talking about the two-weight champion, as they believe she is the greatest of all-time.

White said at the UFC 232 post-fight press conference, via MMA Fighting: “She’s the best ever. How can you deny it? You can’t deny that she’s the best ever. That’s what this fight was for.

“This fight was to find out. But if you look at her resume and who she beat, she’s the best ever. Nobody can dispute that. You can try, you can say some stupid shit, but she’s the best ever.”

Nunes became known to the world when she defeated and essentially retired Ronda Rousey when the two faced one another at UFC 207 two years ago.

However, she won the UFC Bantamweight title before this fight, as she defeated Miesha Tate to claim the championship at UFC 200 back in July 2016.

Since then, The Lioness has successfully defended the UFC Bantamweight title three times, but her biggest triumph has to be this weekend’s win against Cyborg.

White said: “The roof came off that place when that fight ended. It was as exciting a fight as you’ll ever see and what makes it even bigger are the stakes. You have two of the baddest women fighting to see who the baddest is.

“Both world champions in two different weight classes and they come out and start bombing like that. There’s nothing more fun. You couldn’t ask for anything better and that type of a fight with what was at stake.”

The UFC President now even believes the world is Nunes’ oyster, and that she can become an even bigger star than the big names she has defeated like Rousey 

“You think Amanda Nunes isn’t going to be a star after this? I f*cking guarantee it. I promise you that. The place went crazy for her and I don’t know what’s next. Tuesday, we’ll be back in the office and we’ll have a meeting and we’ll figure out what’s next for her.”

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