Megan Anderson wins as Cat Zingano endures horror eye injury at UFC 232

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Australian MMA star Megan Anderson secured a first-round win over Cat Zingano on Saturday at UFC 232 in California.

The victory came in the form of a TKO win, but there was a scenario of concern for Zingano as she succumbed to the fourth defeat in her last five bouts.

Just moments into the contest, with both fighters trying to outshine the other, gaining rhythm inside the Octagon, Anderson aimed a kick at her American counterpart.

Her left big toe penetrated the eye socket in the opening round, instantly reducing Zingano into some discomfort.

Zingano backed away in pain and lent on the cage which forced referee Marc Goddard to wave off the fight in favour of Anderson.

Upon further inspection from the medical staff, the incident left the American with a gruesome injury.

Although the fight was anticipated to be a hard fought showdown between the duo, focus now has shifted to the condition of Zingano, who took to social media to update her fans about her well-being.

The 36-year-old posted photos of her eyes on Instagram later in the evening, asserting she feared it to be ruptured.

She captioned the photo saying: “‪I was worried my eye was ruptured.

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“They say I'll be ok tonight. Thanks to everyone for your concern.

“What are your thoughts on a finger digit poke vs a toe digit poke being ruled a tko?”

She questioned the ruling which allows for a time-out to be called if a fighter is struck in the eye with a finger, but not a toe.

Anderson, to her defence, added: “I was just doing my job. She looked away and didn't answer what he was saying and he finally stopped it.”

The Aussie ace spoke highly of her rival’s abilities inside the Octagon before the bout.

She said: “She's a tough opponent, she's durable, she's tenacious.

“We knew coming in she was going to be aggressive.”

Anderson took her win tally to five out of the last six fights, with her overall record at 9-3.

However, Zingano concluded in a message saying: “They say I'll be ok tonight. Thanks to everyone for your concern.”

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