Floyd Mayweather's response to being asked if he trained for Tenshin Nasukawa fight


Floyd Mayweather made his easiest money ever on New Year's Eve, as he took part in an exhibition fight against Japanese sensation Tenshin Nasukawa.

The scheduled fight was only meant to last nine minutes, and it didn't even have judges at ringside to score the bout, meaning it was totally done for entertainment purposes, a bit of money for Mayweather - and when we say a bit, we mean a lot - and some advertisement for Nasukawa.

However, the fight didn't even last three minutes as in the first round Mayweather stopped his opponent, putting an end to the farcical event.

Nasukawa simply never got started, and before he knew it, he was on the canvas three separate times, which then led to his team throwing in the towel.

Not the best way to advertise yourself, that's for sure.

However, what we must remember is that Nasukawa, who is only 20 years old, is a kick-boxer, and taking away kicking is a big loss for him.

He's also two stone lighter than 'Money' and considerably less experienced, so it really was a big, big task for the Japanese sensation.

Sadly for him, though, he was floored three times in the opening couple of minutes, and his moment in the spotlight was soon over.

As for Mayweather, well his New Year's couldn't have been any better, or any easier for that matter.


Joking around all day, turning up hours late, and getting the job done in record time - it was a comfortable occasion for the American superstar.

So comfortable in fact, he didn't even feel the need to train for the fight.

Now this could be because it was just an exhibition fight and it didn't even impact his professional 50-0 record, but after the fight, when asked if he had done any training or preparation for the fight, Mayweather was very honest.

He said, as per BoxingNewsAndViews: “Did I have a training camp for this fight? No. I went to the gym a few times. I moved around with Daquan — a young champion on the rise.” 

So if that doesn't prove what a total farce the fight was, what will?

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