Floyd Mayweather had a message for boxing fans before his win over Tenshin Nasukawa


Floyd Mayweather made light work of Tenshin Nasukawa during his exhibition match on New Year's Eve.

The event - hosted in Tokyo - was heavily criticised in the build-up and the bout itself proved far more one-sided than many had predicted, even if victory for Mayweather was almost guaranteed.

The fight was scheduled for three rounds, but only lasted a mere 140 seconds with Mayweather toying with his opponent and dishing out knockdowns like they were going out of fashion.

Nasukawa is a kick-boxer by trade and his striking simply wasn't on the same level as his opponent, showing a weak defence and going down under any heavy attacks.

Eventually the fight was waved off after a third knockdown, with the final punch leaving Nasukawa flailing by the ropes.

Mayweather wins by TKO

To Mayweather's credit, he showed respect after the fight despite such an easy victory, remarking: "I want to say thank you to Tenshin. This don’t go on our record.

"We are both still undefeated. He is a great champion and a great fighter. I am still retired, I don’t look to come back to boxing. I came back for entertainment for the people of Japan."

However, the same can't be said when it comes to the pre-fight build-up, where Mayweather caused controversy by arriving incredibly late to the Saitama Super Arena. 


Mayweather's pre-fight message

He then proceeded to go live on Instagram, showing boxing fans how he prepared for the fight and also giving them an interesting message before he left the dressing room.

It's been accepted that Mayweather didn't really prepare for the bout, but he took his blasé attitude to new levels during the video.

One clip gathered attention on Twitter with the 41-year-old completely playing down his conditioning, just moments before he delivered the easiest victory of his career.

Mayweather said to the camera: "You know me, you know I'm just an old man. I ain't even shape, my body isn't in shape. I'm just an old man trying to make it. That's it."

Check out the video down below: 

Well that's one way to put it, Floyd.

Although 'Money' is now in his forties, he remains a menacing opponent for everybody and was arguably the greatest boxer of his generation during his prime.

So, he's a little bit more than an 'old man trying to make it' and we're not sure Nasukawa will have appreciated the comments on the biggest night of his life.

It also sums up Mayweather's attitude towards the event, clearly showing his confidence and an awareness that he could take the victory without any effort at all. 


Whether or not fight fans will see Mayweather in another bizarre match-up remains to be seen, but he's raking in the cash and without even trying.

A cool $69 million isn't too bad for 140 seconds of work, right?

Do you think Mayweather will ever fight again? Have your say in the comments section below.

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