Sami Zayn has spoken out about WWE fans who criticise the creative team

Sami Zayn

2018 was a great year for WWE in some ways, but in others it was terrible.

A record television deal was signed with Fox Sports to air SmackDown Live from October 2019, with the company paying over $1 billion for five years.

That's really good business for the company, but their ratings and viewership in the United States have slid terribly towards the latter stages of the year.

In-fact Monday Night Raw set a record non-holiday low just a few weeks ago when just 2.28 million chose to watch live 

Some have blamed Vince McMahon solely for it, but others have also blamed the staff behind the scenes who are writing the stories and matches for the superstars.

The writers don't have the final say on everything, that goes to Vince, but they have a big role to play in every single storyline happening on the main roster but they always get a lot of criticism.

Currently sidelined Raw star Sami Zayn though has defended the writers, insisting that fans do not know how hard of a job they have on their hands.

"Man, people don't know and you don't know unless you're there [in WWE]," Zayn told Chris Jericho on his Talk Is Jericho podcast.

"Not to do with nothing, but I want to take this time to actually give the writers a little bit of a break because they get crapped on the most.

Sami Zayn has hit back at WWE fans who criticise the writers of the product.

"People don't understand how it works there. It's not the writers, and it's not the agents, and it's not the talent. It just works a very specific way.

"And unless you're in it, you don't know, so it's very easy to sit at home and go, 'why are they pushing this person? Why are they doing this?' It's harder than you think. Cut everybody some slack. It's tricky."

Sami has a point, they have to write a three-hour and two-hour show every week, and adding to the fact that Vince McMahon's decisions means that there will no doubt be a copious amount of re-writes, then it turns out to be very stressful.

But maybe it's time to lay off the men behind the scenes for a while - a 'fresh start' is coming to WWE television, after all.

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