Lewis Hamilton has taught Ross Brawn a lesson with off-track life

Ross Brawn has admitted that Lewis Hamilton’s interests and endeavors away from driving in Formula 1 have taught him “a lesson” in how a driver should conduct themselves away from the track, saying that the five-time world champion has challenged his opinion on off-track conduct.

Hamilton is currently the most successful driver on the F1 grid, having successfully claimed his fifth championship in 2018, but he also retains extreme fame outside the sport, with plenty of ties to the fashion industry.

Some critics have suggested that the outside interests may eventually have a negative impact on Hamilton’s performances in F1, but the driver himself has always insisted that they keep him fresh and motivated.

Brawn thinks Hamilton’s successes have taught him a lesson on what drivers can achieve away from the sport.

“I’ve got a lesson from this,” F1’s managing director told Motorsport.

“I probably had a traditional view of racing drivers that they probably should follow a certain lifestyle when they are out of the car to maximise the performance in the car.

“It is underestimated what Lewis does outside the car in respect to his fitness and his training and his preparation. That doesn’t tend to be highlighted.

“He has a passion to travel around the world for pop events, music events or fashion shows.

“That’s unique and I think his success told everyone that you can do these things and still achieve.

“If somebody hadn’t been successful and he was conducting this lifestyle, that would be said to be the reason why they are not successful, because you are so used to more conservative approach.”

Brawn went on to say that Formula 1 is lucky to have Hamilton, who knows exactly how to extract the best from himself.

“I admire for his strength in leading his own life, what he knows is best for him, what motivates him,” he continued.

“And it is great for Formula 1, of course. To have someone with such a strong personality is something which is very good for us.”

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