WWE are reportedly planning to make changes to The New Day in 2019

The New Day

When The New Day formed in 2014, no-one could predict how successful the trio would work out.

Three superstars who were doing nothing were thrown together, and for a while the WWE Universe could really not work them out or what they were trying to do.

But over time, the fans warmed to them due to their talent and charisma, and prove to be one of the most popular acts within WWE on a weekly basis.

They've lasted so long because of their versatility. Throw them in as rap battle hosts, general promos, tag team matches, singles bouts - they can really do anything.

You can't argue that they haven't been successful, they even managed to brand their own 'Bootyos' cereal a few years ago off the back of a catchphrase.

Their current gimmick seems to involve throwing endless amount of pancakes to the fans whilst being goofy and having a fun time, and for so long there's nothing wrong with that.

But like everything, a cycle can come to an end or run its course, and you feel as though this version of The New Day is kind of dying out a little bit, especially after their last SmackDown Tag Team Championship run.

The New Day could be set for an alteration as we continue into 2019.

And Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer has claimed to hear that changes are coming for the trio as we kick off 2019.

“Vince is back thinking about switching up the New Day again," Alvarez stated, per NoDQ.

"He thought about it a year ago and did nothing. Now he’s thinking about it again. The act has been the same for years and years and years. There could be some changes for The New Day in 2019.

“Just remember that this is Vince and he changes his mind on a daily basis but last week he was thinking about doing something different with The New Day.”

It will be interesting to see just how the faction are altered. We can't see them going their separate ways yet but a thought-provoking storyline could involve one member potentially trying to branch off into singles competition or hinting at turning their back on the other two.

We will just have to wait and see what pans out, but maybe the Royal Rumble match will be an indication of where things are heading, as we know partners love to turn on each other at the eponymous event.

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