Becky Lynch heavily criticised by wrestling legend Animal in verbal attack


In the eyes of my fans, Becky Lynch is arguably the superstar of 2018 in the WWE following her heel turn and entertaining run as the SmackDown Women's Champion.

Her feud with Ronda Rousey - which didn't even result in a match - captivated the majority of the wrestling fans and they're still eager to see the contest go ahead.


However, her 'The Man' gimmick hasn't at well with everyone as wrestling legend Animal claimed that it's a gimmick she should now drop.

His comments turned into headline news in the wrestling world and then the Irish Lass Kicker responded by taking aim at Animal with a tweet - which prompted an even more scathing response from the Road Warrior.

Despite stating that he was mostly complimentary, his comments suggested otherwise.

According to Sportskeeda, he said: "First of all, Becky Lynch needs to get over herself, first and foremost.

"When Becky Lynch can achieve what I’ve achieved in the sport of pro wrestling, then she can call me out. Other than that, she has not earned her stripes to call me out. I just want to make that perfectly clear and I don’t think anybody in the wrestling world will have any objection to that."

To expand on that even more, Animal decided to list his own achievements and compared them to Lynch to further undermind her.



He added: "If Becky Lynch is going to try to even have a comeback against a multi-time Hall Of Famer and what I’ve done in this business - she’s won one belt in her life and that’s the WWE belt.


"Hawk and I won 22 different championships in 22 different companies, come on. I’ve wrestled people all over this world, not just in WWE.

"I’m not putting down Becky, but when you get the kind of stroke that I’ve had in this business and when you’ve laid the kind of foundation that I have for her even to have a job today, then you can call someone out. I’m not trying to be derogatory right now, but I’m just trying to be blunt honest."

With the support Becky has had recently, Animal's comments won't sit well with everyone.

What do you make of Animal's comments on Becky Lynch? Have YOUR say in the comments section below.

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