The original plans WWE had for Sasha Banks and Bayley at SummerSlam


WWE Evolution made history for all of the right reasons, but not every rumour came to fruition at the all-women's pay-per-view.

Rumours suggested that the WWE Women's tag team titles were finally going to be introduced in the WWE at the event, but there were no signs of them.


Instead, Vince McMahon dressed as Santa Claus made the announcement that the championships are on their way following the shake-up announcement made by the McMahon family on Monday Night RAW some weeks ago.

MMA trainer and popular belt maker Belt Fan Dan recently posted some interesting news on the new championships that were set to be introduced.

He went on to reveal that the plans for having the titles at Evolution were scrapped, even though the titles had been physically created.

The reason behind this was reportedly because the WWE didn't like the design and they also didn't like the reaction to the initial leak.

He also claimed that the original plan was to have Sasha Banks and Bayley win the titles at SummerSlam.


According to Wrestling News Co, he posted: "The old female Penny style tags were delivered early Summer like I reported. WWE did not like the final product nor the reaction to the leak.

"Original plan was the Bayley/Sasha feud was to lead to them winning the women's tags around SummerSlam. The plans changed and reworked with Evolution in mind, then scrapped.

"New designed belts were ordered as seen, Wildcat did them as well. I was not told when to expect them, but Sasha/Bayley are still supposed to be heavily involved."


Sasha and Bayley were on the edge of feuding before being placed back together in a team and have remained strong.

It now sounds like they'll be sticking together especially since the new women's tag team division is going to need some big names to help steer the ship at first until the division finds its feet with more solid tag teams.

If the original plan was stuck to, then Bayley and The Boss would have already been the inaugural champions.

What do you make of the original SummerSlam plans for Sasha Banks and Bayley? Have YOUR say in the comments section below.

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