Freddie Roach reveals why Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather should happen this year


In 2015, boxing stood at a stand still for one of the most anticipated fights in the sport's history as Floyd Mayweather fought Manny Pacquiao.

It was a fight that saw 'Money' keep hold of his undefeated status, but also one that left boxing supporters feeling quite underwhelmed.

Mayweather did what many predicted, but all didn’t want, which was be safe and simply out box the Filipino, who was the underdog most wanted to see end Mayweather’s incredible streak.

Four years on, though, and the bad taste and memory of staying up until the early morning hours to watch the fight is still very much a bitter one to many boxing fans.

Thus, a rematch is very much warranted in the eyes of the supporters and possibly even fighters themselves.

Forgotten but never forgiven, Money vs Manny may make a staggering return in 2019.

In what already promises to be a phenomenal year for boxing, this fight could only add to the dramatic box office fights that surely await us this year.

Pacquiao will make his 70th professional fight against Adrien Borner in the upcoming weeks, and recently, his trainer Freddie Roach spoke to Hoy TV Hall of Fame and believes that if the Pac-Man can win the fight, a rematch may just be very likely.

“I think the winner of this fight (Pacquiao vs Broner) could get him in his next fight,” he said.


He also suggested that Mayweather’s rather comical match against Tenshin Nasukawa was to remind people that he is still relevant perhaps in preparation for a huge return to the main stage of boxing.

“Nothing official yet, but why did Mayweather fight that fight (exhibition bout on New Year’s Eve just gone)?”

He continued: “To get back in the public eye? I think so. I think he could be available next.”

He also revealed the disappointment his team suffered after hearing that Pacquiao injured his shoulder in the fourth round of the fight and was unable to utilise his blistering speed.


“I just hope it happens because I was very disappointed in the last Mayweather fight.

"It does bother me because we went into the fight and Manny told me in the 4th that his shoulder was hurt.”

He added: “At that point he was just going through the motions and so forth.

"I wish we had done surgery (before the fight) so it didn’t blow out. But it did blow out in the fourth round.”

Pacquiao must first overcome his challenge of Broner on January 19 in Las Vegas if he is to stand any chance of a fight with Mayweather anytime soon.

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