Paul Pogba’s brother – Struggles at Man United all down to Jose Mourinho

Newcastle United v Manchester United - Premier League

Paul Pogba’s struggles at Manchester United were all the fault of Jose Mourinho, according to the midfielder’s brother.

Mathias Pogba has lifted the lid on the relationship behind the scenes by claiming the former manager’s ego dominated the dressing room.

“It was Mourinho who was the problem,” Mathias Pogba told RMC Sport.

“Mourinho still wants to be the centre of attention. The problem was Mourinho, right down the line.

“In the locker room, outside the locker room…everything, I know my brother, and you tell him, ‘Go. Go play ‘, the rest, he will do it.

“From what we see of Mourinho, he always wants to be the maestro, the centre of attention.

“(Paul) does not even calculate that aspect: you respect him, he will respect you, you trust him, he will produce big performances.”

It was well documented that Pogba and Mourinho simply didn't see eye to eye, and that was further demonstrated when the two clashed during a training session.

With cameras from every news outlet present at the training session, with United giving the media a specific time slot to film and watch the training, Mourinho and Pogba clashed for the world to see.


It isn't known what was actually said, but the body language and the facial expressions gave everything away - the two were not agreeing on something.

The relationship seemed to get so bad that it became a case of only one can survive at Old Trafford, and in the end, Pogba won that battle, with United sacking Mourinho on December 18.

Since then, club legend Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has stepped in to fill the hole until the end of the season, and it's clearly an appointment that Pogba is enjoying.

He's back to scoring goals and getting assists, but he's also back to smiling on the pitch and having fun.

Clearly the egos of Mourinho and Pogba were never going to work together.

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