Bruce Buffer says Floyd Mayweather would have issues adjusting to UFC rules in any McGregor rematch


Bruce and Michael Buffer know a thing or two about the combat sport scene.

The half-brothers are iconic figures of UFC and boxing respectively and have seen their fair share of legends and complete failures in their time.

The two ring announcers have a prime seat to proceedings so when they pass judgement, fight fans generally stand up and take note.

On this occasion, Bruce Buffer has discussed the chances of Floyd Mayweather ever coming to the Octagon and fighting Conor McGregor under UFC rules.

Buffer believes it would be a one-sided fight for a number of reasons.

Dublin Live reported Buffer as saying: "Mayweather would probably get beat within a minute.

"He has never suffered leg kicks and getting taken down like that.

"He would have to train for at least six months or 12 months. If he could learn how to sprawl when somebody tries to take him down. If he could learn how to get out of submissions.

"But this is not something you learn within a week.


"A guy like Mayweather, he has trained all of his life, he is a fantastic athlete, but he has never been kicked in the leg. If you have never been kicked in the leg, trust me, it is going to hurt."

The two men fought in boxing conditions in August of last year, with many observers surprised and impressed by the ring craft of McGregor.

The Irishman started in blistering fashion, but Mayweather weathered the storm to ease his way into the fight, and by midway, it was on his terms once again.

Eventually, Mayweather won on a TKO early in the 10th round and subsequently retired with the perfect 50-0 record.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. v Conor McGregor

As well as being a fine boxer, Mayweather has got a true business sense with the way he makes deals happen.

He returned to the ring on New Year's Eve to take on Japanese kick-boxer Tenshin Nasukawa in an exhibition bout in Japan.

The fight was called 'farcical' and a 'waste of time' by many observers due to the fact that Nasukawa  had never had a boxing bout in his life.

The kick-boxing champion was knocked down three times and ended the fight in tears.


While Mayweather maintains he is still retired, will he be tempted by the lure of another big payday to try his luck in the Octagon?

It is all hypothetical at this stage, but certainly crazier things have happened in the sport.

Watch this space.

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