Pep Guardiola responds to claims Man City grew their grass long vs Liverpool


Manchester City’s 2-1 victory over Liverpool last week breathed life into the Premier League title race.

The victory moved Pep Guardiola’s side to within four points of the league leaders, conflicting Liverpool’s first league loss of the campaign.

But it could have been so different.

Vincent Kompany could have been sent off for a high tackle on Mohamed Salah in the first-half, while John Stones miraculously saved a goal - with Hawkeye suggesting the ball was 11 millimeters from crossing the line.

Suffering your first defeat of the season to your title rivals was obviously tough to take for Liverpool.

However, the reaction of one Liverpool fan was perhaps slightly over the top.

Neil Atkinson of The Anfield Wrap podcast claimed that City had grown their grass too long to stop Liverpool’s quick attacks.

"I could write 1000 words on the grass, it's unbelievable that Man City's pitch, for when we go there, is like that,” he said.

"It's unbelievable that Man City have let their pitch go like that. They've planned for it.

"The grass was really long, the pitch was cutting up. They basically were trying to stop us from passing really quickly.

"We've gone to Man City and they've built the pitch to stop us passing the best they could which testament to it."

Manchester City v Liverpool FC - Premier League

And it wasn’t long until Guardiola was asked whether or not this was true - and he swiftly denied it.

“I’m not the greenkeeper. I never did – if they want to play quick, we want to play quicker; always we try to put water [on] but it’s not necessary here because of the weather," he said, per the Guardian.

“We want to cut the field all the 10 years [of his career]. It’s better conditions for both teams – when this happens, you do the best for opponents. We have to respect them with the rules. I never speak with the groundsman. I trust the groundsman, I never made a phone call to say do this to damage our opponents.”

Well, surely that settles it.

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