The Miz and Shane McMahon's Royal Rumble plans are announced and fans aren't happy

The Miz, Shane McMahon

Ever since Crown Jewel where the WWE World Cup was held to determine the 'best in the world', there's been a storyline brewing between Shane McMahon and The Miz.

For those that don't remember, Miz got to the finals against Raw's Dolph Ziggler, only to get 'injured' in the match-up.

This prompted then-Commissoner McMahon to step in in-place of the A-lister and go on to take the win for his brand - and himself.

Since then, Miz has started to show some babyface characteristics as he pursued a friendship - and a tag team - with Shane-O-Mac.

It seemed as though his efforts were to be in vain, but on the Christmas Day episode of SmackDown, McMahon finally accepted Miz's efforts and agreed to team up with him.

Last night's show saw the former WWE Champion irate that The Usos were getting another potential shot at the blue brands Tag Team champions Sheamus and Cesaro.

So after The Bar defeated Jimmy and Jey to put them out of the title picture, Miz took it upon himself to challenge the pair for their title belts.

Shane McMahon and Miz have a shot at The Bar for the SmackDown Tag Titles at Royal Rumble.

And just after Sheamus laid-out Miz with a devastating Brogue Kick in the middle of the ring, Cesaro took it upon himself to accept the challenge for the Royal Rumble.

For all of the negativity the Raw tag division gets, SmackDown's had been thriving lately, even SaNITY and The Club had resurfaced over the past few weeks as fresh challengers.

But WWE fans are far from thrilled that Shane is once again being thrust into a big storyline and taking chances away from other more deserving talent.

If WWE has any sense, then they won't put the titles on Miz and Shane, as there's actual teams who deserve a shot before they do with the titles.

And with rumours of the two squaring-off at WrestleMania in a few months time, it's more-than-likely that a loss will lead to the quick dissolution of the pairing and they will move into a rivalry with each other.

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