Daniel Bryan throws a hot dog and drink at fans during his incredible consumerism SmackDown promo

Daniel Bryan

Last nights SmackDown Live was just another day, another fierce environmental promo for 'The New' Daniel Bryan.

The WWE Champion has really stepped it up a gear in recent weeks when it comes to his character. He seems to be enjoying himself a lot more since the turn and it's not hard to see why.

Many feel as though Bryan is playing an exaggerated version of his real-life persona, and it seems as though it's being enjoyed by the masses.

Bryan stood right in-front of a concessions stand to open the show on Tuesday, surrounded by WWE fans, calling them out for their consumerism and linking it to why they support AJ Styles. Are you following?

Then Bryan snatched a hot dog off a fan before preceding to verbally rip him to shreds - and then threw the hot dog right off the top of his head.

Fans gasped as if it was a brick that was thrown, but it was still strange and almost mesmerising to see Bryan interact with a fan in that way - but he wasn't done there.

Daniel Bryan berated the WWE Universe to open SmackDown, chucking a hot dog and soda at two of them.

He then doused another fan with an AJ Styles t-shirt with a full cup of soda, leading to more shocked gasps from the watching WWE Universe.

Of course these spectators will have been planted there for the segment but it was still shocking to see a superstar act in this manner.

Bryan did eventually make his way through the crowd towards ringside, along the way telling the fans that he is changing the world and that he will be the WWE Champion 'forever'.

He may be a heel in the eyes of the WWE, but fans on social media couldn't help but agree with some of Bryan's points that he made.

For all the smack he is talking, Bryan will probably get his comeuppance in the near future, maybe at the Royal Rumble against AJ Styles.

But for now we can sit back and enjoy the masterful promos that he cuts because you can guarantee he has a lot more to come in his arsenal.

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