Football fan is being praised for designing Arsenal concept kit after Adidas deal


Arsenal fans weren't too impressed when their home kit for 2018-19 was unveiled last year.

There has been plenty of criticism for Puma's designs since they became Arsenal's official kit provider and after six years in charge, supporters are excited to see Adidas take over responsibilities.

It was announced in November that Arsenal had signed a deal with the iconic sports brand, joining clubs like Chelsea, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich who boast similar contracts.

The Gunners signed a five-year agreement, understood to be worth over £50 million-a-year and represents a major improvement upon the finances under Puma.

The mega deal proves a major economic boost for Arsenal and will serve as welcome nostalgia for a certain generation of Gooners.

Arsenal's new Adidas deal

Arsenal sported Adidas apparel during the famous 1989 league win, including Michael Thomas' iconic goal, and also featured in the Cup Winner's Cup victory of 1994.

So, supporters will be hoping that Adidas can produce some equally memorable kits 20 years down the line and the first glimpses of their designs could be just a few months away.

Many will feel that they can only do better than Puma's recent attempts, but fans still be wanting a standout kit like the classic 'bruised banana' strip from the early 1990s. 

Alan Smith

Football fan's concept kits

And while there have already been reported leaks, fans will have to wait for confirmation and some have taken it upon themselves to create a design of their own.

Supporters trying to fashion their own shirt sounds like a disaster waiting to happen, but they can often result in some unique and desirable creations.

That's certainly the case with Arsenal this week with one fan seeing his design for an Adidas third kit gaining over 1,000 up-votes and topping the club's Reddit page.

The comments are full of compliments for the predominantly back strip and plenty want Adidas to drop him a call before the summer. Check out the design down below:


Very smart indeed.

All black kits are often some of the very best and the supporter has even factored in the general design tropes of Adidas in their creation.

That's not all, though, as the same fan also conjured up designs for the home and away strips next season.

Home and away designs

Although they haven't been approved with the same level of satisfaction, they're also good efforts and can be seen here:

The aesthetics of Arsenal look to be in safe hands going forward.

The design of a club's three kits ultimately bears little to no influence on team performance - give or take Manchester United in 1996 - but are a big deal commercially.

As a result, it can only benefit the Gunners if Adidas' final designs prove as popular as the ones that have been drawn up this week.

Not only that but with Arsenal struggling to raise major funds for transfer windows since Unai Emery's arrival, the mere nature of the Adidas deal can only be a benefit.


For many supporters, though, anything better than the current home kit will be a victory.

Arsenal fans, what do you think of the concept kits? Have your say in the comments section below.

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