Martin Brundle claims 'things weren't right' at Ferrari under Maurizio Arrivabene

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Martin Brundle has criticised decisions that were made at Ferrari during Maurizio Arrivabene's tenure.

Former driver and now pundit Brundle has said 'things weren't right' with the team, and that became clearer and clearer throughout last season.

Arrivabene is no longer in charger with Mattia Binotto set to take over after being promoted into the position.

Ferrari make the change with the aspirations of having a driver winning next season's championship, with Sebastian Vettel coming second behind Lewis Hamilton in 2018.

A series of mistakes were made that led to Hamilton and Mercedes being able to pull away at the top of standings, and that is something that Brundle has recently addressed.

When talking to Autosport international, Brundle stated that he didn't like to get personal about such situations because he doesn't know the full story and all the behind-the-scenes information.

However, he still believes that not everything was done perfectly to optimise performance under Arrivabene.

"But I did observe it, and see that things weren't right," Brundle said.

"You look at situations like Hockenheim, where Vettel was put under pressure because they didn't do the right things earlier on in the race.

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"Then he fell off the road, and he fell out of the championship from that moment onwards.

"You look at other things like the slipstreaming in Monza [when Vettel did not get a tow off Kimi Raikkonen because Ferrari stuck to a previously-agreed order on-track].

"Certain things weren't being done."

Arrivabene had been in charge at Philip Morris as vice-president before he moved to Ferrari in December 2014.


In the last two seasons with the 61-year-old as boss, the Ferrari team had seen a revival back to being one of the top dogs of Formula 1.

They're once again competitors at the top of the Constructors' Championship.

However, Sergio Marchionne has always been the one recognised for the great revival of Ferrari. He orchestrated a successful reshuffle in 2016, but sadly died last July due to cancer.

Arrivabene has been critiqued for the way he handled the press, in particular after the death of the much loved and influential Marchionne.

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