Lars Sullivan's actions this week have put his WWE main roster debut in jeopardy

Lars Sullivan

Every so often, WWE decides to call-up a few talents from the majorly successful NXT brand to the main roster.

Some see it as a promotion, others see it as being doomed to fail from the start, as many talents have made the step to Raw or SmackDown and not got the rewards they deserve.

And during the so-called 'fresh start' announcement made on Raw the night after Tables, Ladders and Chairs, the McMahons revealed that new superstars were coming to the main roster in an attempt to shake things up.

These included Nikki Cross, EC3 and tag team Heavy Machinery, along with the monster that is Lars Sullivan.

Sullivan though had been advertised by WWE to be 'coming soon' for a month at that point though, with not much more information other than a vignette every week to signal his arrival.

We have gotten some indication of a short-term plan for Sullivan though from journalist Dave Meltzer, who stated that a match has been pencilled-in for WrestleMania 35 between Lars and none-other than 16-time world champion John Cena.

You'd have to expect that the Royal Rumble match would be used as some kind of set-up if it was to happen, but it would be a huge risk to throw Sullivan into a Mania bout with Cena just a few months after debuting, but Vince McMahon is clearly a massive fan.

However, Sullivan's reported actions this week before WWE shows may have potentially ruined his chances of success of the main roster - and his rumoured one-on-one with Cena.

Lars Sullivan has been hyped up to join the main roster for two months now, but a debut still hasn't occurred.

Meltzer himself has stated that, per NoDQ, Sullivan was backstage at this past weeks episode of Raw as he was set to have a match before they went live on-air, Lars either 'didn't show up or left the building' after suffering an apparent anxiety attack.

Things like that happen in the business so backstage officials talked to Sullivan to sort things out, but after being scheduled for another dark match before the following day's SmackDown show, he didn't show up and allegedly flew back home to Colorado.

Sullivan has been pencilled-in for a WrestleMania match with John Cena, but that is now in doubt.

It's one thing to not show up, but to fly all the way across the country away from a show unannounced will not go down well in the WWE's book.

It remains to be seen whether or not Sullivan is reprimanded before his supposed push has even begun, but it would be a shame for such a potentially top talent go to waste before he's even stepped foot on the big stage.

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