Liverpool fans noticed Nabil Fekir become a talking point during Lyon 1-1 Reims


It seems like yesterday that Nabil Fekir was on the lips of every Liverpool fan.

The Lyon midfielder couldn't have come any closer to his dream Premier League move, with reports suggesting that he had even taken part in a photoshoot and LFCTV interview with the club.

However, the transfer fell through at the very last minutes with Liverpool officials deciding that his injury record - particularly regarding his knee - was just too problematic for a deal.

Fast forward to the present day and although plenty of Liverpool fans would still take him at the club, they aren't exactly missing him and Xherdan Shaqiri has proven a superb alternative.

The Reds sit atop the Premier League, while the comments that have fed back to Liverpool fans about Fekir haven't exactly been positive. 

Updates on Nabil Fekir

L'Equipe were openly critical about his performances in December and French football expert Julien Laurens wrote earlier in the season: "This domestic campaign has been more difficult.

"In the Champions League, his performances have been much better, with two goals and two assists in the three games he played, but he has lacked consistency.

"He has also lacked, at times, the spark that made him so special last season."


Fekir vs Stade Reims

Not exactly promising and despite numerous reports claiming that Liverpool won't make a second approach in January, fans are still monitoring his performances out of curiosity.

And that was certainly the case on Friday night when Fekir gathered attention for all the wrong reasons during a 1-1 draw with newly promoted Stade de Reims.

Fekir - who captains Lyon - was substituted at half-time for what looked to be tactical reasons having endured a performance so terrible that many considered it his worst for the club.

The display was called everything from 'horrific' to 'abysmal' with French football writer Jeremy Smith even going as far as remarking: 'Something is seriously wrong there.'

Pretty strong stuff - so take a look at the reaction below: 

It's fair to say Fekir's season just hit rock bottom.

Despite a few flickers of brilliance in the Champions League, it's clear that the 25-year-old is lacking that extra spark and his latest showing clearly struck a nerve with Bruno Genesio.

His performance was so noteworthy in its poor quality that plenty of Liverpool fans tweeted about it and an update appeared on the club's Reddit page.

So, there's still plenty of interest in how Fekir is getting on but with another difficult day at the office, Kopites can problem feel good about the fact they didn't invest in.


And while there were a few smug tweets from the fanbase, some more sympathetic posts could also be found amid suggestions that the Liverpool rejection has effected his game.

Months on from the collapse of the deal and there's only been one winner.

Liverpool fans, would you still be interested in a Fekir move? Have your say in the comments section below.

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