A huge Intercontinental Championship triple threat match is set to take place on this weeks Raw

Dean Ambrose

When the McMahons promised a 'fresh start' nearly four weeks ago now on Raw, nobody expected huge changes right away.

And that's exactly what has happened, but as time goes on we are starting to see new matchups made and fresh rivalries begin.

This past weeks show closed with a huge Falls Count Anywhere bout for the Intercontinental Championship, as Seth Rollins got a rematch against his enemy Dean Ambrose after losing the belt at Tables, Ladders and Chairs.

The Kingslayer had pinned Ambrose earlier in the night in a six-man tag match, which saw the return of John Cena to the red brand to reveal his participation in the 2019 Royal Rumble match.

But even before that, Rollins had gotten into a brawl on the stage with Bobby Lashley, after their singles match the week previous on New Years Eve had ended with the former WWE Champion attacking him and his manager Lio Rush with a steel chair.

So you just knew that Lashley wasn't done with Rollins, and with the no disqualification stipulation that comes with a Falls Count Anywhere bout, it was all set-up for an interference from 'The Almighty'.

Just as Rollins was about to pin his former Shield foe to regain his belt, Lashley pulled him from the ring and unleashed a beatdown, allowing Ambrose to crawl and keep his championship - but Lashley wasn't done there, slamming Seth through a table to close the show.

The mini-feud is far from over - in-fact it could be about to heat up as WWE have announced a major main event match for the upcoming episode of Raw.

Bobby Lashley helped Dean Ambrose defeat Seth Rollins on Raw, and this week he gets a shot at the belt.

It will see Ambrose once again defend his Intercontinental Championship against both Lashley and Rollins in a triple threat match, which is the kind of bout fans were promised when Vince McMahon promised to 'shake things up'

With the continued absence of a Universal Champion on a weekly basis, matchups like this are needed to elevate Raw's match quality to the level of SmackDown, which has been killing it every Tuesday.

This is a good start though, and it will once again showcase the world-class talents of Rollins, who - if you believe the rumour mill - is primed to win the Royal Rumble and face a world champion at WrestleMania.

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